Club Penguin Blog Goes Down

Here’s some news for y’all – the Club Penguin Blog just went down. This may be insignificant, but there are 2 signs pointing towards it being the contrary. The first being the filename of the background image:

background:#23384a url(/var/www/brb.jpg)

“brb.jpg” is filename. Doesn’t that suggest that the blog hasn’t simply stopped working, but it is under maintenance? Here’s what the blog currently looks like: **UPDATE: It now shows a ‘Be Right Back’ image instead of a blank page! It is DEFINITELY getting updated. I’m not just superstitious then!**

club penguin blog down


The other metaphorical ‘sign’ pointing towards this sudden malfunction is Polo Field’s latest blog post published early this month (the 5th, to be more specific). The post title is “The Club Penguin Blog” and in this article, he talks about modernising the Club Penguin Community Blog and asks for our input.

the club penguin blog

Maybe the Club Penguin blog is now getting an update with features suggested by the community! Go to Polo Field’s post to view the comments.


club penguin membership

Club Penguin Frozen Party Membership Giveaway

Hey guys! Are you enjoying the Club Penguin Frozen Party? Compared to the other parties released this year, I think it’s one of the best. Like any party, though, there are some features which are inaccessible to those who do not have a paid membership. I know how frustrating that can be so every time a new Club Penguin party comes out, I will have a membership giveaway to give those annoyed non-members a chance to experience the member features! Sound like a good idea? Anyway, let’s get on with my Club Penguin Frozen Party Membership Giveaway.

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club penguin frozen

Club Penguin Frozen Party Cheats 2014

The Club Penguin Frozen Party – one of the most talked about parties this year – has finally been released on web and mobile! The Club Penguin Frozen Party is the first party to be accessible on both devices; you can either use the ClubPenguin.com website or the Club Penguin iOS app. Here are the Club Penguin Frozen Party Cheats!

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club penguin under construction

Club Penguin Update Shedule – August 20/21 2014

club penguin under construction

Depending on your timezone, Club Penguin is either updating today or tomorrow (tomorrow in my case). Club Penguin updates at 7 PM PST (that’s 3 AM GMT). I am waking myself up at 3 AM tomorrow so I can post early. I am officially mad. Here is the Club Penguin Update Schedule for August 20/21 2014:

  • New hidden pin
  • Frozen Party
  • Club Penguin Times Issue #481
  • EPF Message

Come back to ClubPenguinMash.com tomorrow for the new CP updates!


penguin of the week 15 aug

Penguin of the Week: Samantha3124

Hey guys! Daffodaily5 just posted the new Penguin of the Week. This week’s POTW is Samantha3124. Here’s what Daffo said:

Welcome to another edition of Penguin of the Week! This week’s winner goes to… DRUM ROLL… Samantha3124! Not only is this penguin an awesome friend but she also has fabulous style (love that hair) and a big heart too! :)

Here’s a picture of Samantha’s penguin and igloo:

penguin of the week 15 aug

Loving that igloo :P If you would like to nominate someone for Penguin of the Week, comment on Daffo’s latest POTW post with your friend’s penguin name and why he/she deserves to be Penguin of the Week. Every winner receives 10,000 coins and a special Penguin of the Week background.