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- If you came here wanting to advertise on Club Penguin Mash, please contact Coolpool79 on Twitter or contact [email protected].

Advertisements appear on Club Penguin Mash in the sidebar (sitewide) and the header (only in individual pages/posts; not the homepage). Revenue generated from these ads will be used as investments, like new designs and features. Some % may be kept as profit however.

If you enable tracking in your browser, these advertisements will be tailored to suit your browsing habits. You can disable this feature in your browser’s preferences.

Advertisements on Club Penguin Mash are designed to be un-intrusive so your user experience will not be disturbed.

None of these advertisements will lead to malicious websites as they are scanned by Google beforehand.

If you see a questionable ad appear on this website, please report this at the Contact page.

Thank you!