Club Penguin Book Codes

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Club Penguin Book Codes are answers to questions which allow you to unlock coins and a blue book item. These questions are about the many Club Penguin books and ask what word is on a specific line. On this Club Penguin Book Codes page, you will find words which are often asked for. Offer: Unlocked many Club Penguin Book Codes, received many coins but still don’t anything to spend it on because you don’t have a membership? Fear not – you can win one below:

Club Penguin Book Codes

Table of Contents:

How to unlock Club Penguin Book Codes

To use Club Penguin book codes, follow this short tutorial:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin Redeem page.
  2. Log in to the penguin you want to add coins and items to.
  3. Click the “I’ve got a Book” button.
  4. Select a book.
  5. View our Club Penguin book codes and enter the code which corresponds to the page, line and word number you are asked. If we don’t have it, report it to Coolpool79 on Twitter and skip to another question.
  6. Enjoy the free coins and the Blue Book item!

club penguin book codes

Club Penguin Book Codes

  1. English Book Codes
  2. Portuguese Book Codes

English Codes

Choose an English Club Penguin book below to view its cheat codes:

Portuguese Codes

Choose a Portuguese Club Penguin book below to view its cheat codes:

Club Penguin Book Codes

Happy unlocking and enjoy your free stuff! Unfortunately, we may not have all the codes for every Club Penguin book. If that is the case, please either leave a comment, send a tweet to Coolpool79 or email us. Credits will be given appropriately.