Penguin Style Club Penguin Clothing Catalog

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The Club Penguin Clothing Catalog – “Penguin Style” – releases with a new edition every month. The Penguin Style catalog contains clothing items usually suited for the current time of year and/or the current events on Club Penguin. These catalogues also contain backgrounds and flags which all penguins (including non members) can obtain. Backgrounds cost 60 coins and flags are free.

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog

To access the Club Penguin clothing catalog, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to the Clothes Shop room. You can access this via the Town and the EPF Spy Phone.
  2. In the bottom right is a blue book with “Penguin Style” and a red penguin printed on the front. You can either click on that or the curtains in the left of the room.

club penguin clothing catalog

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats

In most Club Penguin clothing catalogs, there are hidden items (also referred to as “cheats” and “secrets”). Every time a Club Penguin clothing catalog comes out, these cheats are posted on the Club Penguin Mash home page. Videos of these Club Penguin clothing catalog cheats are occasionally uploaded to the Coolpool79 YouTube channel as well.