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club penguin furniture & igloo catalog september 2014 cheats

Club Penguin Furniture & Igloo Catalog September 2014 Cheats

Hey penguins, polar bears and various other arctic creatures – it’s a Thursday and Club Penguin has updated. What surprises do they have in store for us today? Not much, just the odd Club Penguin Times issue and this month’s Furniture & Igloo Catalog. Here are the Club Penguin Furniture & Igloo Catalog September 2014 Cheats.

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club penguin spanish fifth year hat

Club Penguin Codes: Spanish Fifth Year Hat

Hey mashers, sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve been working on other aspects of Club Penguin Mash (which is why I need authors to help me. If you’re interested, head over to my Become an Author page).

One of the posts I missed was the new Club Penguin code: the Spanish Fifth Year Hat.

This new item has been released in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Spanish Club Penguin (no, not Club Penguin in general; it’ll be 9 years old next month).

You’ll find out how to unlock the Spanish Fifth Year Hat in this Club Penguin Codes post!

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penguin style september 2014

Club Penguin September 2014 Clothing Catalog Cheats!

Hey guys! Sorry for only posting one of the few Club Penguin updates yesterday – I was too busy being lazy. You can all forgive me, right? No? Okay, I’ll leave.

Thanks for reading!

… Lol, just kidding… Here are the Club Penguin September 2014 Clothing Catalog Cheats:

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club penguin pin cheats september 2014

Club Penguin Pin Cheats September 2014: Fruit Smoothie

Hey guys! It’s Thursday and another day for brand new Club Penguin updates. It’s been two weeks since Club Penguin last released a hidden pin and it’s time for them to hide a new one somewhere on the island. This new pin is called the “Fruit Smoothie”. Can’t find the pin? No worries – this Club Penguin Pin Cheats September 2014: Fruit Smoothie post will show you the newest Club Penguin Pin Cheats for the “Fruit Smoothie”!

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Club Penguin Elsa’s Live Performance at the Ice Palace

It’s been one week since the Frozen Party began on Club Penguin. You can now visit the Ice Palace and view Elsa perform live!

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club penguin frozen

Club Penguin Frozen Party Cheats 2014

The Club Penguin Frozen Party – one of the most talked about parties this year – has finally been released on web and mobile! The Club Penguin Frozen Party is the first party to be accessible on both devices; you can either use the website or the Club Penguin iOS app. Here are the Club Penguin Frozen Party Cheats!

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club penguin furniture & igloo catalog august 2014 cheats

Club Penguin Igloo & Furniture Catalog August 2014 Cheats

Hey everyone! Along with the new Club Penguin Times issue, CP just released a new edition of the Igloo & Furniture Catalog. The August 2014 catalog has furniture items relating to the upcoming Frozen party. Here are the Club Penguin Igloo & Furniture Catalog August 2014 Cheats:

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club penguin arendelle crest pin cheats

Club Penguin Arendelle Crest Pin Cheats – August 2014

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn’t post for a week, I was on holiday. Now I’ve got a great deal of stuff to catch up on. AGH! This includes the new pin that was released on Thursday – the Arendelle Crest pin. Here are the Club Penguin Arendelle

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club penguin coin codes

Club Penguin Codes: More Coin Codes for 1500 Coins!

Hey guys! 3 new Club Penguin Codes have been released in the Club Penguin Magazine issue #33! Each of these Club Penguin Codes will add 500 coins to your account, bringing you to a total of 1500 extra coins if you redeem all three. What are you waiting for? Here are the new Club Penguin Codes for 1500 coins.

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club penguin go-karter helmet

Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 – Ride Go-karts at the Stadium!

As foretold in the previous Club Penguin Times issue, you can now ride go-karts at the Stadium as part of the Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 mini-party! Just go to the Stadium and walk onto the track. You will automatically be placed in a go-kart and a race will start!

club penguin turbo race 3000

You can get free items at this mini-party. All penguins (including non members) can obtain a free go-karter helmet:

club penguin go-karter helmet

If you’re a member, you can get your flippers on a free Go-Karter Shirt item:

club penguin go-karter shirt

A fun way to end July!