Club Penguin Codes: 3 New Coin Codes for 1500 Coins!

Club Penguin Codes: 3 New Coin Codes for 1500 Coins! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

Hey guys! 3 new Club Penguin Codes have been released in the Club Penguin Magazine issue #33! Each of these Club Penguin Codes will add 500 coins to your account, bringing you to a total of 1500 extra coins if you redeem all three. What are you waiting for? Here are the new Club Penguin Codes for 1500 coins.

Club Penguin Codes: 3 New Codes for 1500 Coins!

Before I tell you all of the new CP codes, here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to redeem codes on Club Penguin:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin redeem page.
  2. Login with your desired account.
  3. Click on the “I’ve Got a Code” button.
  4. Enter your code.

The first code to enter is ANCHOR32. Follow the steps above and type in “ANCHOR32″. This will give you 500 coins.

club penguin codes for 1500 coins anchor32

Now press the “Enter Another Code” button. The second code to enter is REDMATCH. This will also add 500 coins to your Club Penguin account.

club penguin codes redmatch

Press “Enter Another Code” button again and enter the last code: FREETOUR. Redeeming this third 500-coins code will bring you to a total of 1500 extra coins on Club Penguin!

club penguin codes freetour

Congratulations, you now have a bunch of new coins! If you need more codes for coins, visit my Club Penguin Coin Codes page. It contains hundreds of codes which will add almost 100,000 coins to your account. For item codes which add exclusive items to your account, visit the Club Penguin Item Codes page. If you use all the codes on both of those pages, you will have almost 100,000 coins and over 20 exclusive items. Cool, right?

(Thanks TrollCP for informing me about these codes)