Club Penguin Non Member Cheats

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Club Penguin non-members don’t get as much features and cheats as members do. However, there are some Club Penguin Non Member Cheats which all penguins can do! We list all of them here. Need a membership? Win one below:

Club Penguin Non Member Cheats

Club Penguin Non Member Cheats include collecting items, coins and furniture. Non members can also redeem items from the treasure book by purchasing Club Penguin merchandise from both online and offline stores.

Club Penguin Non Member Items

club penguin non member cheatsEvery two weeks, pins are released which everybody can collect. To add the latest pin to your inventory, simply visit our automatic pin tracker for its location, visit that location on Club Penguin and then click on the pin. You will then be asked to add it to your inventory. You can then “pin” it to your playercard by going to the Pins/Flags menu in your inventory,  clicking the pin you just collected.


club penguin backgroundsIn every Club Penguin clothing catalogue are backgrounds which every penguin can purchase for 60 coins. Everyone can collect coins by playing Club Penguin games or redeeming Club Penguin coin codes. Backgrounds are shown on your playercard behind your penguin.



club penguin treasure bookEveryone can redeem items in the treasure book with toy codes which come with Club Penguin merchandise. These include plushies, Mix ‘N Match Figures and Playsets. You can purchase CP merchandise in all good online and offline stores.



club penguin tour guide standOnce your penguin is 45 or more days old, you can become a tour guide. This will allow you to receive the free tour guide hat. While wearing that, you can give tours to other penguins. You do this by clicking the chat bubble icon, hovering over Activities and clicking “Give a tour”. Your penguin will then be saying a description of the current room you’re in.


club penguin epf gearEPF gear is unlocked with medals which are given to you after completing missions. These used to be earned by completing Field Ops as well – but Field Ops were removed 1-2 years ago. There are 2 types of missions – EPF and PSA. EPF missions are in-game; they incorporate the Club Penguin surroundings – whereas PSA missions are separate from the normal game. You can still play PSA missions online and in the VR Room.


club penguin free item

Free items are often given out at parties for everyone to collect. Recently though, Club Penguin have been only awarding free items to those who complete party-themed objectives.



club penguin new dojoBy playing Card Jitsu, you can get 9 free belts of different colours as you progress in your Card Jitsu level. Once you’ve achieved the black belt, you can challenge Sensei and receive the Ninja mask. Unfortunately, this is pretty useless now; there was once a Ninja Hideout which you could only access if you had defeated sensei but a recent Club Penguin update changed this. There was a catalogue which contained lots of ninja-exclusive items.


club penguin rewardAt the end of 2013, tasks were introduced. When you sign up now, you are given tasks to do which you will earn rewards from by completing. To read more about this, please visit the Club Penguin Tasks page.

club penguin unlock items onlineClub Penguin often give out item codes which everyone can use. For a list of codes and how to redeem them, please visit our Item Codes page.

club penguin moderator badgeYou can also use our item adder to force every available item to be added to your Club Penguin account. Please note that we don’t endorse/advise this as it is against the Club Penguin rules and you could get your penguin banned by doing this, although none of our penguins have been banned during testing.


Club Penguin Non Member Furniture

club penguin non member furnitureMembers can decorate their igloos with any furniture item they like. This is not the case with non-members though – there is a small selection of furniture which they can use. These items are placed into everyone’s inventory upon signup.



club penguin pufflesMembers can purchase up to 40 puffles of any colour. Non-members, however, can only purchase two puffles and can only choose from 2 colours: red and blue. Puffles are fluffy pets first discovered in November 2005.

club penguin stamp bookEveryone can collect stamps on Club Penguin, but there are some member-exclusive stamps. Stamps are achieved by completing small objectives – like going in the Cove pool and using a rubber ducky.

Club Penguin Non Member Cheats

That’s all of our club penguin non member cheats! If you have any other cheats, please leave a comment below and if I use your idea, I will give credit where necessary.

Happy waddling!