Club Penguin Private Server List

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Club Penguin Private Servers are third-party versions of Club Penguin. They often have custom features/designs and offer free membership. Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS’) are great for playing on if you want to enjoy CP without filters and without paying. On this page, you will find a Club Penguin Private Server List showing popular and active CPPS’ you can play on! Please note that these private servers are not endorsed by or affiliated with Club Penguin Mash. Please also note that Club Penguin and Disney are against CP private servers and they are considered illegal. Although the CPPS’ listed below are considered safe, you use them at your own risk. Scroll down for our Club Penguin Private Server List.

Club Penguin Private Server List

Table of Contents:

  2. Flippr
  3. OldCP
  4. Mirai

club penguin private servers is the most popular Club Penguin private server on the web. It has tons of custom features including items, rooms and fun stuff like leaderboards. is in the top 200,000 most popular websites in the world.

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Flippr is a relatively new Club Penguin Private Server, but is very quickly increasing in popularity. It is famous for its huge amount of custom features and designs. You can even play as other animals – not just penguins!

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To register, just go to the play page and click on the “Register” button.

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old club penguin logo AKA is a CPPS which brings back old Club Penguin features. It has the old CP interface, old rooms, old inventory and much more. It’s a great Club Penguin Private Server to play if you were on CP during the olden times or if you weren’t and you’d like to feel what it was like. To get old Club Penguin rooms (and other things!) back on CP without using a CPPS, check out my How to Get Old Club Penguin Rooms Back post.

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To register, just go to the play page and click “Create Account”.

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Mirai is another popular CPPS. It is the successor of an old popular CPPS called “Oasis”. There are many custom features like the re-designed buddy list.

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FreePenguin is a very popular CPPS with lots of custom features such as a party switcher.


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