Club Penguin Membership

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Club Penguin membership allows you to experience the best of Club Penguin. (As Club Penguin say, “Membership Means More.”) In order to obtain a Club Penguin membership, you must pay Disney Club Penguin, win a Club Penguin contest, or get a free membership code in an issue of the Club Penguin magazine.

Club Penguin Membership

Here are the features of a Club Penguin membership:

  • Access to ‘Members only rooms’ in Club Penguin parties/events.
  • Ability to buy clothes in Club Penguin catalogues / catalogs.
  • Buy igloo flooring, igloos and furniture.
  • Buy up to 18 puffles – any colour.
  • Earn member stamps
  • Access to more Club Penguin games and levels.
  • Servers and Club Penguin rooms get full slower for members. (Members can sometimes enter rooms/servers that are full for Non Members)

Here are the different ways you can purchase a Club Penguin membership:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Membership Card
  • Disney Gift Card
  • Pay by Cash
  • Cheque

I recommend PayPal – since that’s the easiest way to pay online.

You can have a Club Penguin membership for a limited amount of time; Monthly allows the membership to reoccur every month unless cancelled. The ones in bold mean reoccurring.

  • Monthly
  • Six Months
  • One Year

Here are the pictures of the Club Penguin membership badges:

Badge 1: Level 1 (0-6 months)
Badge 2: Level 2 (7-12 months)
Badge 3: Level 3 (13-18 months)
Badge 4: Level 4 (18-24 months)
Badge 5: Level 5 (24+ months)

Here is what the Badge 2 / level 2 badge looks like on your Playercard:

club penguin cheats

That’s all the info you need to need about the Club Penguin membership. *Note: This article was written in April 2012