Club Penguin Codes 2014

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Club Penguin Codes are special combinations of letters and numbers which unlock certain things on Club Penguin. There are a few types of Club Penguin Codes: coin codes, item codes, toy codes and membership codes. Club Penguin Coin Codes are found in issues of the Club Penguin Magazine, item codes are released at special occasions, toy codes are found coupled with Club Penguin merchandise, and membership codes are found on membership cards or gift certificates.

club penguin codes

Club Penguin Codes have been given away by the CP team since September 2010. Overtime, many many Club Penguin Codes have been released waiting for everyone to redeem. At the moment, there are 256 Club Penguin Codes available and on this page, you will find a list of every single one ever released! Some codes have expired, but most of our Club Penguin Codes 2014 are fully working and will stay that way. You can trust us as your ultimate source for Club Penguin Codes; our lists are updated instantly when a new CP code is released.

Club Penguin Codes

Table of Contents:

  1. How to redeem Club Penguin Codes
  2. List of Club Penguin Codes 2014
  3. How can I get notified when new Club Penguin Codes are released?

How to redeem Club Penguin Codes

Before I list every single Club Penguin code ever, you will need to know how to redeem these Club Penguin Codes. Below is a simple guide on how to redeem Club Penguin Codes in 2014.

  1. Go to the Club Penguin redeem page.
  2. Log in with your desired account. These codes can be used on multiple accounts!
  3. Click on the “I’ve Got a Code” button. If you want to unlock a book, go to our Club Penguin Book Codes page.
  4. View our list of free codes and enter the code you want to redeem.
  5. Claim your reward, click “Enter Another Code” and continue unlocking!

club penguin codes 2014Once you’ve unlocked a code, you won’t be able to reedem it again on the same account. However, as I stated above, each Club Penguin code works on multiple accounts, so you can use that specific code on all of your accounts if you wish! With our Club Penguin Codes, you can have many penguins with 100,000 coins and lots of exclusive items. This really is the most comprehensive codes for Club Penguin list on the web.


Free Club Penguin Membership Codes

If you don’t have anything to spend your coins on and you’re looking for a free Club Penguin membership, this may come in handy! Just use the sharing buttons below, enter your email address and you will be entered into our free Club Penguin Membership competition. At the end of the month, one of the entrants will be emailed a free Club Penguin Membership code! If you want to be in for a chance, share this page on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ below:

List of Club Penguin Codes 2014

Now it’s time to showcase our huge, updated list of Club Penguin Codes 2014! Every time a new code is released on Disney Club Penguin, it will be added to this table of codes, whether it be for coins or items. If you’re looking for Club Penguin Treasure Book codes, follow us on Twitter to hear about the latest code giveaways:

Here is our list of codes. If any codes are missing, please leave a comment or contact Coolpool79 on Twitter. It will be much appreciated!

DECLNR10500 coinsDecember 2010
JUNNLR11500 coinsJune 2011
D23EXP11Green Crosshatched HoodieAugust 2011
FREEHOODUK HoodieSeptember 2011
VETEMENTUK HoodieSeptember 2011
PUMPKIN1Pumpkin HatOctober 2011
MMCODE11500 coinsDecember 2011
MMCODE12Guitar ShirtDecember 2011
MMCODE132500 coinsDecember 2011
TOGETHER500 coinsFebruary 2012
BIGWHITE500 coinsFebruary 2012
SHRIMP64500 coinsFebruary 2012
J6YELLOW500 coinsMarch 2012
HADDOCK7500 coinsMarch 2012
ARCTIC20500 coinsMarch 2012
DRILLOFF500 coinsApril 2012
EPFRULES500 coinsApril 2012
REDBEARS500 coinsApril 2012
HPHONES1Puffle HeadphonesApril 2012
UFOMASKEAlien MaskApril 2012
UFOANZUGAlien CostumeApril 2012
EPFAGENTStealth TrackerMay 2012
3CARAMEL500 coinsMay 2012
JAZZJAKE500 coinsMay 2012
LOVESNOW500 coinsMay 2012
JAPANTEA500 coinsJune 2012
74YELLOW500 coinsJune 2012
DARKSTAR500 coinsJune 2012
DJUBILEEKing's CrownJuly 2012
DRUMROLL1000 coinsJuly 2012
KEYBOARD1000 coinsJuly 2012
PINKDOJO1000 coinsJuly 2012
DSKYRIDEBlue TracksuitJuly 2012
EQUIPE10500 coinsJuly 2012
COFFEE12500 coinsAugust 2012
THEWALLS500 coinsAugust 2012
TOMATO22500 coinsAugust 2012
SILVER14500 coinsAugust 2012
KLUTZY15500 coinsAugust 2012
CANDYKAI500 coinsAugust 2012
ARTICO20500 coinsSeptember 2012
AMARELO6500 coinsSeptember 2012
REDPLAZA500 coinsOctober 2012
34GUITAR500 coinsOctober 2012
PURPLE16500 coinsOctober 2012
NUESTROS500 coinsOctober 2012
GRANAZUL500 coinsOctober 2012
GAMBAS64500 coinsOctober 2012
BATERIA1500 coins*October 2012
TECLADOS500 coinsOctober 2012
ROSADOJO500 coinsOctober 2012
VERMELHO500 coinsOctober 2012
DESLIGAR500 coinsOctober 2012
SOMBRERO500 coinsOctober 2012
FANTASMAGhost CostumeOctober 2012
CHILLINGGhost CostumeOctober 2012
PRESENTEBunch of BalloonsOctober 2012
FRIGHTEN500 coinsOctober 2012
11SPIDER500 coinsOctober 2012
REDBOOK3500 coinsOctober 2012
ELPIRATAEyepatchOctober 2012
UNPIRATAPirate CoatNovember 2012
MARILLO500 coins*November 2012
GARYIGLU500 coinsNovember 2012
ELTOMATE500 coinsNovember 2012
CARAMELO500 coinsNovember 2012
POPCORN1500 coinsNovember 2012
BLUEBOOT500 coinsNovember 2012
15KLUTZY500 coinsNovember 2012
SURPRISETree Tropper HatDecember 2012
ICEBERGS500 coinsDecember 2012
PEZGLOBO500 coinsDecember 2012
DULCEDUL500 coinsDecember 2012
17PUFFLE500 coinsDecember 2012
SUSHICHA500 coinsDecember 2012
GOLDSTAR500 coinsDecember 2012
24PRUNES500 coinsDecember 2012
VINNIE24500 coinsDecember 2012
GUITARRA500 coinsDecember 2012
ESPONJAS500 coinsDecember 2012
CUPCAKES500 coinsDecember 2012
KINDNESS500 coinsDecember 2012
ACABADO9500 coinsJanuary 2013
PINTAR13500 coinsJanuary 2013
J2CARROT500 coinsJanuary 2013
PLANET21500 coinsJanuary 2013
DOLPHIN2500 coinsJanuary 2013
EGLEFINO500 coinsJanuary 2013
MUYBLANC500 coinsJanuary 2013
PIZZAS64500 coinsJanuary 2013
TOMATE22500 coinsJanuary 2013
BALASKAI500 coinsJanuary 2013
JUNTOS20500 coinsJanuary 2013
ESKLUTZY500 coinsJanuary 2013
PIZZERIA500 coinsJanuary 2013
STAYSAFELaptop ItemJanuary 2013
PINTE400500 coinsFebruary 2013
OCULOS12500 coinsFebruary 2013
LESNIEVE500 coinsFebruary 2013
9JETPACK500 coinsFebruary 2013
HEARTIES500 coinsFebruary 2013
HAPPYCNYPurple Dragon CostumeFebruary 2013
EISBERG2500 coinsFebruary 2013
BAHNFREI500 coinsFebruary 2013
FILMSTARPopcorn Hand ItemFebruary 2013
SARDINA1500 coinsMarch 2013
6CELESTE500 coinsMarch 2013
J69RUTA2500 coinsMarch 2013
LAMPARAS500 coinsMarch 2013
DELFINES500 coinsMarch 2013
PUFFITOS500 coinsMarch 2013
TUBERIDE5000 coinsMarch 2013
MAGICAS9500 coinsMarch 2013
EPFTOTAL500 coinsMarch 2013
PERFORAR500 coinsMarch 2013
COOKIE90500 coinsMarch 2013
DIAMOND9500 coinsMarch 2013
12CANNON500 coinsMarch 2013
CELESTES500 coinsMarch 2013
DIRECTOR500 coinsMarch 2013
TELEFONO500 coinsMarch 2013
CADENCEC500 coinsApril 2013
ALTAVOZ24500 coinsApril 2013
FOOTBAL1500 coinsApril 2013
TREEBASE500 coinsApril 2013
LOLZ2331500 coinsApril 2013
MEISTERN500 coinsApril 2013
SCHUSS21500 coinsApril 2013
VERDEORO500 coinsApril 2013
TIARCTIC500 coinsApril 2013
DIAMANTE500 coinsApril 2013
TERMINAR500 coinsApril 2013
VAMOSEPF500 coinsApril 2013
OSOSTRES500 coinsApril 2013
HELDEN74500 coinsApril 2013
PLENTA6500 coinsApril 2013
GOLFINHO500 coinsApril 2013
MASQUE01Black Super Hero Mask + 500 CoinsApril 2013
TEABLACK500 coinsMay 2013
14COOKIE500 coinsMay 2013
VOLCANO2500 coinsMay 2013
COMBATIR500 coinsJune 2013
ACADEMIA500 coinsJune 2013
ORANGE20500 coinsJune 2013
SILVER21500 coinsJune 2013
SKIMEDAL500 coinsJune 2013
CAMERA90500 coinsJune 2013
DOUTORH6500 coinsJune 2013
POLICIAS500 coinsJune 2013
FRUTILLA500 coinsJune 2013
HIPHOP18500 coinsJune 2013
DEADORAN500 coinsJune 2013
DISNEYMUPercy Costume*June 2013
MISTERIO700 coinsJuly 2013
AMULETOS500 coinsJuly 2013
PESCADOS500 coinsJuly 2013
GASOLINA500 coinsJuly 2013
REDSCARF500 coinsJuly 2013
NOWHERE7500 coinsJuly 2013
PERCIVAL500 coinsJuly 2013
BARONFELFighter Pilot CostumeJuly 2013
ESQUIORO500 coinsAugust 2013
BRONCE21500 coinsAugust 2013
NARANJA8500 coinsAugust 2013
MEDALHA5500 coinsAugust 2013
VERDE201500 coinsAugust 2013
COBRAS08500 coinsAugust 2013
REINDEER500 coinsAugust 2013
BETAHAT5500 coinsAugust 2013
PLUMPKIN500 coinsAugust 2013
MONSTER3500 coinsAugust 2013
SCIENCE8500 coinsAugust 2013
ICESKATE500 coinsSeptember 2013
GREENCOW500 coinsSeptember 2013
10SHIELD500 coinsSeptember 2013
ORGULHO5Brazil Party HatSeptember 2013
CALCETIN500 coinsOctober 2013
CUEVALEI500 coinsOctober 2013
EINSTEIN500 coinsOctober 2013
BANDAGE4500 coinsNovember 2013
8CAPTURE500 coinsNovember 2013
WESCREAM500 coinsNovember 2013
MONSTRUO500 coinsNovember 2013
ROJOGARY500 coinsNovember 2013
CIENCIA8500 coinsNovember 2013
DESIERTA500 coinsNovember 2013
42CUATRO500 coinsNovember 2013
BLANCO53500 coinsNovember 2013
BOBBILLY500 coinsNovember 2013
74NVERDE500 coinsNovember 2013
2110ROJO500 coinsNovember 2013
AGENTETE500 coinsNovember 2013
SEGUNDOS500 coinsNovember 2013
DRILLERS500 coinsNovember 2013
CHIMNEY8500 coinsNovember 2013
FUNSANTA500 coinsNovember 2013
BAFTATHX100 coinsDecember 2013
POPCORN7500 coinsDecember 2013
TANKBLUE500 coinsDecember 2013
CANDYPOP500 coinsDecember 2013
HOLIDAY1Hornament HatDecember 2013
XMASPRES500 coinsDecember 2013
TANKAZUL500 coinsJanuary 2014
GOLOSINA500 coinsJanuary 2014
TRINEOS6500 coinsJanuary 2014
REGALOS8500 coinsJanuary 2014
MONTANA7500 coinsJanuary 2014
PAPANOEL500 coinsJanuary 2014
R3YES014Present Igloo ItemJanuary 2014
PURPLE10500 coinsJanuary 2014
FIREDOWN500 coinsJanuary 2014
TWOCLAWS500 coinsJanuary 2014
BEARS41810 Koi Ponds + 10 Mossy LogsMarch 2014
MYTICKET500 coinsMarch 2014
BENNYBOB500 coinsMarch 2014
INTERNET500 coinsMarch 2014
CADEAUCPFrench Party HatMarch 2014
SKATES11500 coinsMarch 2014
4VOLCANO500 coinsMarch 2014
DIGITNOW500 coinsMarch 2014
DISN2014Blue Bend Hoodie*March 2014
RACEFLAGRace FlagMarch 2014
BEARCUBSBear CostumeApril 2014
10VULCAO500 coinsApril 2014
INGRESSO500 coinsApril 2014
LARANJAB500 coinsApril 2014
COINPACK1000 coinsApril 2014
PUFFLES1Blue Border Collie HatApril 2014
NATLPARKPark Ranger Hat*April 2014
BEFROZENSnowflake CostumeMay 2014
POPCORN9500 coinsMay 2014
KLUTZYP6500 coinsMay 2014
CAPTURED500 coinsMay 2014
REDFINAL500 coinsJune 2014
PURPLE27500 coinsJune 2014
CHAMPION500 coinsJune 2014
HQCP20141000 coinsJune 2014
GOOOOOALSuperfan HatJune 2014
FILMFESTFairy WingsJuly 2014
ANCHOR32500 coinsJuly 2014
REDMATCH500 coinsJuly 2014
FREETOUR500 coinsJuly 2014
ALIENPOW500 coinsAugust 2014
KAIBLACK500 coinsAugust 2014
CACTUS18500 coinsAugust 2014
REDPIANO1000 coinsAugust 2014
BOUNCEIT1000 coinsAugust 2014
7POPCORN1000 coinsAugust 2014
CELEBRA5Spanish 5th Year Party HatSeptember 2014
2BEHEARDMegaphone + Orange ShirtSeptember 2014
GRAPES11500 CoinsSeptember 2014
TOPMARKS500 CoinsSeptember 2014
GREENCPU500 CoinsSeptember 2014

How can I be notified when new Club Penguin Codes are released?

Whenever a new Club Penguin code is released, we update this page, our social media profiles and our blog. If you have Twitter, follow these accounts:

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