club penguin android app

Your prayers have been answered; a Club Penguin Android App is in the works

Ever since Club Penguin released their mobile app on the iOS platform, they were bombarded with questions and complaints from Android users. If you were one of those people, your prayers have been answered; Club Penguin is working on an Android app.

Above is the spoiler they revealed on Twitter shortly after Polo Field’s departure from Twitter. Perhaps it was used to take the focus off that short-lived drama?

Hopefully we’ll see a Club Penguin Android app by this year, which is what Polo Field said in his new Ask Polo on the Club Penguin Community Blog:

club penguin android app this year

Don’t rush them, though; it will take time as they have to reprogram it a completely different language.

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ask polo

Ask Polo Field a Question on the Club Penguin Community Blog

You may have heard the news about Polo Field’s departure from Twitter. In his final tweets, he mentioned that he would be only communicating via the official Club Penguin Twitter and the Community Blog.

Shortly after retiring his account, he published a new post on the CP blog titled “Ask Polo!”, like the ones he did on the PoloField.org blog he recently closed. He will answer all questions commented on this post.

Hello Penguins!

Thought I’d try something new here on the blog. Instead of posting news, I thought I’d give you the chance to ask us a question!

Reply to this blog post with your question, and we’ll answer as many questions as we can!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Click here to ask Polo Field a question.

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polo field leaves twitter

Polo Field leaves Twitter

With Disney’s policies regarding the social media interaction of Club Penguin staff members getting more strict overtime, we all knew it would happen eventually.

First, Spike Hike and Polo Field unfollowed everyone, stopped replying and deleted their tweets. Then they cut back on their tweets and became very inactive, along with other members of staff such as Megg who no longer tweets or replies to anyone.

Polo Field also closed his blog which he previously used to answer questions and reveal news about Club Penguin.

Now, Polo Field is leaving Twitter altogether and will only communicate via the official Club Penguin blog. I suspect that he will soon be disallowed from replying to us on that platform, too!

polo field leaves twitter

Disney’s policies are enforced with the safety of children in mind. Despite Twitter’s age requirement of 13 years old, not everybody follows that rule, and there are many under-13s on Twitter – including a number of Club Penguin players.

Apparently Disney believe that by retiring all connections with kids via social media, they are helping them be safe online.

I disagree – do they think these kids will stop coming on Twitter just because Polo Field is no longer on there? That is not that case, the Club Penguin community is populated and vibrant because of the awesome players.

I also don’t understand the agist notion that all kids under 13 are irresponsible and are unable to fend for themselves on the internet. I myself have been here since a tween, and it’s done me more good than harm.

Since I joined the Club Penguin community, I have learned a lot about the internet, marketing and computer science. Without it, I would know nothing about those subjects. Also, as I didn’t go to school for a long period of time, I had no friends in real life and thus no connection with anybody apart from my ‘Club Penguin friends’. It sounds weird, but without CP and Twitter, my life would be completely empty right now.

By stopping communication with us on Twitter, Club Penguin are not going to change anything apart from branding themselves as an incommunicative company. It gives the impression that they don’t care about their users, which isn’t a positive label to stick on its jumper.


club penguin building schools

Club Penguin Helps Build Schools In Poor Countries

Club Penguin is known for their occasional charitable campaigns. Their latest project – to build schools in Ecuador, Haiti and India – is underway. They will be helping to build 3 free-standing classrooms that can each support up to 50 kids.

club penguin building schools


Club Penguin often engages in various global citizenship programs, including Coins For Change (an annual event occurring every December where players donate coins which Club Penguin converts to money and donates to the charity the players chose), It Starts With You! (a bullying prevention speaking tour and leadership program in partnership with Free The Children), and their current Matching Grant Program.

You can find more information on Club Penguin’s global citizenship page. Don’t forget – you can win a free Club Penguin membership code below!



club penguin scout pin cheats

Club Penguin Pin Cheats October 2014: Scout Scarf Pin

Happy October! Club Penguin just updated for the first time this month and there’s a few new updates (instead of just two). One of the updates is the new pin – the Scout Scarf pin. Here’s the Club Penguin Pin Cheats October 2014 for the Scout Scarf Pin:

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club penguin 2beheard

Unlock 2 free Club Penguin items and help prevent bullying!

Club Penguin is known for their generous campaigns promoting good causes. The latest one is to raise money for bullying prevention.

A new Club Penguin item code has been released which redeems 2 items (the Megaphone and the Orange T-Shirt), and every time it is used, Club Penguin will donate $1 to support bullying prevention. They will stop when they reach $50,000.

club penguin 2beheard

The new code is 2BEHEARD. Here’s how to redeem it:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin redeem page.
  2. Login to your desired account.
  3. Click “I’ve Got a Code”.
  4. Enter the code 2BEHEARD.

For more codes and information, go to my Club Penguin Codes page. For a free Club Penguin membership code, enter the contest below:


club penguin halloween party 2014 sneak peeks

Club Penguin October 2014 Sneak Peek: Halloween Party

With the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 just around the corner, official Spanish Club Penguin blogger Candomba13 has revealed some sneak peeks of next month’s event. It’s not much to go on – it’s just three small, zoomed in images – but it’s something. Here’s the Club Penguin October 2014 Sneak Peek:

club penguin halloween party 2014 sneak peeks

You can view the post by clicking here (it’s in Spanish, by the way). Are you looking forward to the Halloween Party?

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club penguin times stage renovation not permanent

The Club Penguin School & Skate Party’s Stage Renovation Is Not Permanent

Over the past few days, there has been wild speculation regarding the Stage’s replacement with the Mall. A lot of people have been saying this renovation is permanent, despite having no evidence or any kind of hint towards that being true. I tweeted this last week:

If you don’t know what I meant by “CP didn’t even change the JSON data”, rooms.json is a file which contains all the configuration settings for each room (you can view these using my Room Explorer tool). If this replacement of the Stage was permanent, Club Penguin would’ve changed this data to coincide with that. Instead, it’s exactly the same as it’s always been.

{"room_id":340,"room_key":"stage","name":"The Stage","display_name":"The Stage","music_id":749,"is_member":0,"path":"stage.swf","max_users":80,"jump_enabled":false,"jump_disabled":true,"required_item":null,"short_name":"The Stage"}

The Club Penguin Times has now confirmed that this speculation was indeed just speculation; the Stage’s replacement of the Mall is not going to be permanent. In the Upcoming Events section of the latest issue, it states that The Living Sled will be returning to the Stage.

club penguin times stage renovation not permanent

If you don’t believe me, log in to Club Penguin and open the newspaper. You will see this line in the Upcoming Events section.

Are you glad that this change is not going permanent after all? A lot of people seemed to be upset by it. Please SHARE this post so everyone knows the truth – you can also win a Club Penguin membership by doing so!