penguin of the week sept 5 2014

Penguin of the Week: Roxy6649

Wazzup? The first Penguin of the Week of September 2014 has been posted by Daffodaily5 on the Club Penguin Community Blog. Week 1 of Sept. 2014’s POTW is… drum roll please… Roxy6449! Here’s Daffo’s post:


Penguin of the Week time! This week, it’s Roxy6449! This very thoughtful player loves to send her friends postcards every day, and loves organising snowball fights for everyone. She’ll also cheer you up when you’re feeling blue too. Thanks for being an awesome citizen on the island! :)

penguin of the week sept 5 2014

If you know someone worthy of being awarded the title of Penguin of the Week, leave your nomination in the comments below. All POTW winners get 10,000 coins and the tremendous POTW background.


-Club Penguin Team

Leave a comment on her post to nominate someone.

penguin style september 2014

Club Penguin September 2014 Clothing Catalog Cheats!

Hey guys! Sorry for only posting one of the few Club Penguin updates yesterday – I was too busy being lazy. You can all forgive me, right? No? Okay, I’ll leave.

Thanks for reading!

… Lol, just kidding… Here are the Club Penguin September 2014 Clothing Catalog Cheats:

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club penguin pin cheats september 2014

Club Penguin Pin Cheats September 2014: Fruit Smoothie

Hey guys! It’s Thursday and another day for brand new Club Penguin updates. It’s been two weeks since Club Penguin last released a hidden pin and it’s time for them to hide a new one somewhere on the island. This new pin is called the “Fruit Smoothie”. Can’t find the pin? No worries – this Club Penguin Pin Cheats September 2014: Fruit Smoothie post will show you the newest Club Penguin Pin Cheats for the “Fruit Smoothie”!

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club penguin rockhopper island

Club Penguin Rockhopper Island WILL be real some day!

Breaking news guys – have you heard of that “Rockhopper Island” myth that has been spread around Club Penguin for years? I’m pretty sure it’s been going for as long as 2007! Well, I was just sent this information by Marian245cp – Polo Field has confirmed that Club Penguin Rockhopper Island will be a reality some day! Someone commented on his “Ask Polo” post asking if it will be an island we can go to, and Polo Field replied with “Yes, one day…”. Check it out:

club penguin rockhopper island

If you don’t believe me, go to this link. It will take you to Polo Field’s “Ask Polo – August 28″ post and will jump to the comment.

This confirms my friend Jammer Dj’s awesome post on TheClubPenguinCheats.com: “Club Penguin Theories #1 – Rockhopper’s Island” which outlines the evidence suggesting that Rockhopper’s Island may one day become a reality.

Another Club Penguin myth is becoming a reality! First it was the Rainbow Puffle, second it was the gold puffle, third it was (possibly?) tipping the Iceberg, and now it’s Rockhopper island. What will it be next?




Club Penguin Blog Goes Down

Here’s some news for y’all – the Club Penguin Blog just went down. This may be insignificant, but there are 2 signs pointing towards it being the contrary. The first being the filename of the background image:

background:#23384a url(/var/www/brb.jpg)

“brb.jpg” is filename. Doesn’t that suggest that the blog hasn’t simply stopped working, but it is under maintenance? Here’s what the blog currently looks like: **UPDATE: It now shows a ‘Be Right Back’ image instead of a blank page! It is DEFINITELY getting updated. I’m not just superstitious then!**

club penguin blog down


The other metaphorical ‘sign’ pointing towards this sudden malfunction is Polo Field’s latest blog post published early this month (the 5th, to be more specific). The post title is “The Club Penguin Blog” and in this article, he talks about modernising the Club Penguin Community Blog and asks for our input.

the club penguin blog

Maybe the Club Penguin blog is now getting an update with features suggested by the community! Go to Polo Field’s post to view the comments.


club penguin membership

Club Penguin Frozen Party Membership Giveaway

Hey guys! Are you enjoying the Club Penguin Frozen Party? Compared to the other parties released this year, I think it’s one of the best. Like any party, though, there are some features which are inaccessible to those who do not have a paid membership. I know how frustrating that can be so every time a new Club Penguin party comes out, I will have a membership giveaway to give those annoyed non-members a chance to experience the member features! Sound like a good idea? Anyway, let’s get on with my Club Penguin Frozen Party Membership Giveaway.

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