Club Penguin Password Box

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Welcome to the Club Penguin Password Box! Here, people can leave a comment with free Club Penguin accounts which they don’t want anymore and wish to dispose of. Sometimes, Club Penguin Mash verify if the accounts work and then post them onto this page.

Club Penguin Password Box

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Free Club Penguin Accounts

Below are a list of Club Penguin free accounts which have been verified by Club Penguin Mash. As we are not in control of the readers, these accounts could have been banned because some people are strangely satisfied by banning others’ accounts.

– No accounts yet! –


Some of the accounts on this page and posted in the comments may be banned. This could be the submitter’s doing or a reader who enjoys banning others’ Club Penguin accounts for some strange reason. Club Penguin Mash is not liable for any of these bans.

Club Penguin Password Box

Comment the info of your unwanted Club Penguin accounts below!